Vision and Goals:

  • To train the child in useful manner.
  • Practice in which adopting the knowledge in the subject matter through life skills.
  • Curriculum guidelines to discipline a positive impact on the progress of pupils.
  • Assist the school community to formulate appropriateness that focus on improving literacy for the students.

Purposeful teaching involves:

  • The scheduled teaching enables to have the learning process an effective one.
  • Learning through the practical observation with audio and visual.
  • Structured lessons enable students to gain their apt knowledge.
  • Professional learning terms to plan, implement and evaluate comprehensive literacy program for students as having potential to achieve at a higher standard.

Student’s expectations:

  • All teachers are an active role in supporting and monitoring student’s progress in literacy and activities.
  • Communicating expectations about literacy achievement levels for all students.
  • Providing students with intellectual challenge and development.
  • Fulfilling student’s expectations as tomorrow’s achievers.

BVB Provides:

  • Parental involvement in children learning.
  • Special programs for students identified at risk of not achieving acceptable literacy outcomes and implementation of adaptable method for their good outcome in academic.
  • Evidence of improved student outcomes in literacy across the curriculum is assessed as per CBSE.
  • Promotes and provides opportunities to work in partnership with and local community agencies to acknowledge and develop student’s literacy practices at home and in the wider community.
  • Teachers work with each other and with students to develop a shared language and common understandings for talking about and monitoring student’s progress in literacy in all essential learning stands.

Main Campus

TIRUPPUR - 641606.
PH:+91 98438-46578(Principal)
PH:+91 93658-93293(A.O)

Nursery & Primary Campus

TIRUPPUR 641 604.
PH:+91 99409-05944 (Office)
PH:+91 98437-46578 (A.O)